The temple being Private Property of the predecessors of Late Rao Bahadur Sri B.K. Garudachar, who is famously known as “Annayya” during his period (1844-1948), has made a lot of contribution for the divine cause.

Since Sri B.K. Garudachar had no issues, he bequeathed all his assets in favour of his cousin children and made a will to form a trust known as B.K. Garudachar Charitable Trust, the main objective being free hostel for Sri Vaishnava students in the temple premises. Till date, the hostel is providing free accommodation and food to inmates to cherish the memories of Sri B.K. Garudachar.

The birthday of Sri B.K. Garudachar falls on Uttana Dwaadashi and is celebrated in the temple as Founder’s Day. Also, the Brahmothsavam & Ramothsavam is celebrated and Anna Prasaadam is distributed to large number of devotees in memory of Sri B.K. Garudachar.

After the demise of Sri B.K. Garudachar his successors and family members continue to manage the affairs of the temple.

At present, the temple management and administration is comprised of Sri B.S Ranga – Manager
(Chennai),Sri B.K. Dwarakanath – Manager (Bangalore), Sri B.G. Ramprasad, Sri B.G.
Krishnaprasad, Sri B.D. Santhosh, Sri C.D Sudarshan Iyengar – Convenors of the temple.
The Sannidhies are administered by Aagamikas Sri. B.R. Achutha Pattabhirama Bhattar, Sri B.R.
Venugopala Bhattar sons of Keerthisesha Sri B. Keshava Ranganatha Bhattar.
The temple Development is administered by a Development Committee comprising of

1. Sri D.K. Audikesuvulu – Chairman
2. Sri K.M. Srinivasa Murthy – Vice President
3. Sri B.K. Srinivasan – Structural Advisor
4. Sri Krishnaswamy – Legal Advisor
5. Sri L. Ananth – Chartered Accountant

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