This temple is famously known as KALYANAPURI in Bangalore, founded in 1844 during THE RULERS
OF MYSORE AS A PRIVATE TEMPLE, managed by Keerthishesha Pay Master Venkatachar 2) Succeeded by his Son B.V. Garudachar 3) by his Grand Sons B. G. Keshava Iyengar & B.G. Ramaswamy Iyengar 4) by his Great Grand Sons famously awarded as Loka Sevakartha, Bhaktha Shiromani, Rao Bahadur B.K. Garudachar as well as B. Srinivasa Iyengar 5)Then further by his Great Grand Old Sons B.S. Garudachar , B.S. Ranga and B.S. Gopal ( Sons of B. Srinivasa Iyengar) along with B.K. Dwarakanath (S/o. T.V. Krishna Iyengar) and 6) At present the 6th Generation of Pay Master Venkatachar Sriyuts B.G. Ramaprasad, B.G. Krishnaprasad (Sons of B.S. Garudachar) along with B. Ranga Vasanth, B.R. Ram Kumar & B.R. Krishna Kumar (Sons of B.S. Ranga) together with B.D. Santosh ( S/o. B.K. Dwarakanath) are the family members in succession for managing the affairs of the temple.

1844 - Lord Sri Prasanna Krishna Swamy alongwith Rukmini Mahalakshmi and Andal are the Main Sannidhies

1908 - At the behest of Saint Sri Tulasi Ramadas who was instrumental in consecrating the utsavamoorthy of Lord Sri Rama the Sannidhy for Lord Sri Rama Chandra Moola Moorthy was consecrated along With Alwars and Acharyas.

1942 - HH Sri Thillasthanam Swamy who lived in this temple for several years, renovated the 75 year old BRAHMA RATHAM and also started Ratha Yatra around the Lanes of the temple. Even now, the same Brahma Ratham is used for Brahmotsavam (this year only the chakram/wheels were re-conditioned)

1909 - During the temple management of Sri B.G.Keshava Iyengar’s regime, some amount were deposited with the State Huzur Treasury of the then mysore govt. for utilising the interest on deposits towards annual utsavams in the temple. Even now the interest on such deposits is drawn from the Endowment Dept. for the annual utsavams.

1944 - Centenary Celebrations (Shathamanotsava) (100years of Existence) of Lord Prasanna Krishnaswamy, coinciding 60th Birthday of Sri B.K. Garudachar was celebrated in the August Presence of His Highness Sri Nalwadi Krishna Raja Wodeyar the Maharaja of Mysore. His Highness awarded Sri B.K.G as LOKA SEVA KARTHA and also presented the “GANDA BERUNDA” Medal. (the logo of mysore state)

1965 - Sannidhi for Lord Sri Lakshmi Nrusimha was consecrated by Devoted family.

1974-84 The Mahadwara Rajagopuram was constructed by the then temple managers as well as Jeernodhara Samithi members under the devine guidance of Pradhana Archakar Sri B.S. Keshanva Ranganatha Bhattar.

1951 - The TULASIVANAM FREE HOSTEL Which was existing prior to Sri B.K.G’s, resime the latter made lot of improvements and also made a will for the future management of the hostel under a separate trust known as B.K.GARUDACHAR CHARITABLE TRUST.

The trust is succesfully managing the Hostel and made further improvement for the better living of students.

1994 - Offered Koti Archana Commemorating 150 years of Existence.

1992 - Sahasra Kalashabhishekam was Celebrated.

1996 - Sannidhy for Lord Sri Lakshmi Venkateshwara was consecrated fulfilling the dreams of Sri B.S. Keshava Ranganatha Bhattar

1998 - Vimana Gopuram for Lord Sri Rama Reconstructed (after 90 years) and Kumbhabhishekam Celebrated by Sri H.K. Munivenkata Swamappa Family.

2002 - Vimana Gopurams for Lord Sri Krishna, Lord Sri Lakshmi Nrusimha and Lord Sri Lakshmi Venkateshwara Constructed and Mahakumbhabhishekam offered in the August in presence of Sri D.K. Aadikeshavulu T.T.D. Chairman

2003 - New Teak Wood Mahadwaram with Hand Carving of Krishnawatharam was Installed by Smt. D.A. Tejeswari and Sri K.M. Srinivasamurthy

2007 - New Yaagashaala was Constructed in memory of Belagodu Keshavamurthy and Rathnamma and Sri Anjaneya Swamy Sannidhi reconstructed with Sannidhi Prakara & Vimana Gopura and Kumbhabhishekam offered.

2006 - Sannidhies of Rukmini Mahalakshmi Thayaar, Sri Andal, Alwars and Acharyas reconstructed along with new vimana gopurams and sabhangana (main hall) and mahakumbhabhishekam celebrated with generous contribution by all devotees. All these developments are carriedout with generous contributions in cash and kind by donors, devotees at large including Jeers of various mutts, Ashrams etc. Most Importantly in one place in the heart of Bangalore City ( with abundant parking facility for Devotees in the temple compound) we have the Divine opportunity of worshiping the Four Avatharams of Dashavatharams of Lord Vishnu ie, Lord Lakshminrusimha of Kruthayuga, Lord Sri Rama of Trethayuga, Lord Sri Krishna of Dwaparayuga and now Lord Sri Venkateshwara of the Present Kaliyuga. All these deities are worshiped with Vishesha Sevas & Mahothsavams throughout the year.

The presiding deity being Lord Sri Krishna Annual Brahmotsavam (in march-April)followed by Sri Ramanavami Uthsavams with Ramayana Parayana & Veda Divya Prabhanda Seva with special Alankaras viz, Sheshavahanam, Seetha Kalayanam, Vyrumudi, Gangavatharanam, Mohini Thirukkolam Kaalinga Narthanam, Raasakreede, Geethopadesham, Pushpaka Vimanam followed by Sri Rama Pattabhisheka Mahothsavam on the concluding day. This year Lord Sri Ramas (108th Year 1908- to 2015) seva is being celebrated as part of Renovation of the Garbhagriha. Like wise for Lord Sri Lakshmi Narasimha, Narasimha Jayanthi is celebrated in May every year. In addition Pradoshapooja & Swathi Nakshatra Pooja is also celebrated every month throughout the year.

For Lord Sri Venkateshwara, every month, on Shravana Nakshatram, Thirumanjanam & Dayashataka Parayanam together with Sahasranama Archana is offered throughout the year. In September/October Tamil calender month of Purattashi Saturday, Special Pooja is offered.

For and on behalf of Sri Prasanna Krishna Swamy Temple in Successful 6th Generation in service to Lord Sri Prasanna Krishna Bindiginavile Garudachar Ramprasad

17-07-2015 Aadi Friday
It is also equally important to mention that Goddes Sri Rukmini Mahalakshmi is worshipped in a befitting manner by offering Thirumanjanam on Fridays with Sahasranamarchana, In July-August ie Aadi or Ashada masa Nitya Sahasranamarchana is offered. On the concluding day, ie, last day followed of Aadi/Ashadamasa Rukmini Kalyana Mahotsavam was celebrated for Eleven Years(from 2001 to 2011) by Smt. Shubhapradha Acharya and Dr. Upendra Acharya Lakshmi Sahasranama Homa & Archana in the evening. From 2012 onwards Ashtothara Shatha Rajatha Kalashabhisheka & Nooruthada Uthsavam (in 108 Silver Kalashams & Silver Bowls) is celebrated followed by Sahasranama Homa and Archana in the evening. Similarly in Karthika Masa ie., November & Dec.Nitya Sahasranamarchana is offered, followed by LAKSHA DEEPOTSAVAM is celebrated on 15th December every year by Dr. S. Raju & Sons-Srinivasa Hospital. It is divine to mention that the Sahasranama Archana is offered by all devotees themselves headed by the Archakar/Goshti. This seva has been uninterruptedly being carried out since 18years, and devotees’ wishes are fullfilled. .

Further happy to state that Goddes Andal Thayar Awathara Known as THIRU AADI POORAM

in July / August and Kanu Festival in January is celebrated.

We are also blessed by Alwars & Acharyas, their Thirunakshtra Mahothsava is Celebrated through out the year. For this seva a separate sabha (as part and parcel of the temple) known as SRI POORVACHARYA KAINKARYA SABHA is in existence since more than 100 years. H.H. Sri Thillasthanam Swamy a seer and staunch shishya of Sri Ahobila Mutt spent few years in this temple offering mangalashasanam to the Lord. Sri Swamy was instrumental in Renovating the age oldBrahma Ratham in the year 1942 and celebrated Brahma Rathotsavam to Lord Krishna, the (Chariot) Ratham moving around the lanes of Tulasithotam. Even today, the same Brahma Ratham is maintained to offer Rathotsavam to the Lord. Sri Thillasthanam Swamy Kainkarya Sabha was later found to offer respects to the seer Sri Thillasthana Swamy (Known as Srivan Shatakopa Sri Ranganatha Yathiraja Mahadesikan) for Thirunakshatra Mahotsavam & Aradhanam. His Holiness Paduka is maintained till date and paduka theertham is offered to the devotees on these occasion.

Tulasithotam Temple is a Mahakshetra with the developments, Re-developments, Renovations etc. have been un-interruptedly carriedout since 25 years and we are indebted to mention here that Sri Sudarshan Iyengar along with the Structural Engineer Sri B.K. Srinivasan have been instrumental in implementing the developments. The facelift of the temple inside indicates their contribution in all aspects.

It is also our duty to mention here that the involvement and support of the Aradhakars viz, Sri Achutha Pattabhirama Bhattar (Sri Lakshmi Narasimha Swamy Temple, Malleshwaram) Sri Madhava Narasimha Bhattar ( Sri Venugopala Swamy Temple, Malleshwaram) and Sri B.R. Venugopala Bhattar ( Archakar of this temple) (all sons of Keethishesha B.S. Keshava Ranganatha Bhattar) is such that they are with us throughout assisting us at various stages and performing their part of contribution at every stage of Jeernodhara (Renovation) of the temple.

We also have the assets of the Sons of these Aagamikas, Sri Vishnu Bhattar & Sri Sowmithri Bhattar (Sons of Sri Pattabhirama Bhattar) Sri Bharath Bhattar, Sri Navaneetha Bhattar, and Sri Ranganatha Bhattar (Sons of Sri Madhava Narasimha Bhattar) and ofcourse the proposed Aradhaka Utharadhikari Chi. Ayushman Keshava Ranganatha ( S/o. B.R. Venugopal Bhattar) who have been assisting during the vishesha utsavams. We sincerely pray Lord Sri Prasanna Krishna Swamy to bestow health, Wealth, and Prosperity amongst these agamikas, archakars.

For and on behalf of Sri Prasanna Krishna Swamy Temple in Successful
6th Generation in service to Lord Sri Prasanna Krishna
Bindiginavile Garudachar Ramprasad

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